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2016-08-02 - Ibicenco

Ibicenco  is a group exhibition, curated by Diego Alonso, director of MONDO GALLERY

ARTISTAS: José del Río Mons / Baron Wolman / Miguel Soler-Roig / Juan Barte / Cristina Iturrioz / Carlos Torreblanca / Fran Martí / Antón Goiri / Juan Mas-Bagá / Friedrich Saller / Marco Ferraris / Carlos Crespo / Burkhard Von Harder / Romy Querol Soler / Hipgnosis.

Ibicenco is, apart from the native of the island, a particular way of living, thinking, or relating to the world. As a tribute to this "way of living" this exhibition gathers a group of international artists who represent through their photographs the energy of the island in its landscapes, its waters, its people and its style.

The exhibition shows the different visions of these artists on Ibiza, opening a dialogue with the local community around their spaces and their culture (current and ancestral).

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