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Ripples never come back

A young woman, partially submerged in a pond, caresses the smooth surface of water producing subtle waves around. A bright light reflects on her figure, emphasizing a feeling of freshness and vitality, instantly transmitted in the photograph. However, the woman's face remains veiled by the branches in the foreground. It is no coincidence that the two green stems form a cross through its intersection, as if denying something, precisely masking out delicately the beauty of her body.

“Ripples never come back” becomes the metaphor for beauty and its transience. Like the lyrics from Genesis’ song, here ripples allude to the unrecoverable passage of time. What starts out strong and beautiful, gradually loses its purity to become part of the ordinary. This series, full of symbolism and intuition, also draws attention to life itself. Live in the moment! cries out, making you think about precious moments that never come back. They’ve gone to the other side…

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