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Out of Silence
In the late summer of 2016, Miguel Soler-Roig travelled to one of the most inaccessible regions of Tibet to hear the first words of a Lama who maintained for three years a vow of silence. In Eastern cultures, they are much more aware of the necessity to practice the inward gaze. Silence allows the mind stillness and the discovery of the essence which shapes us.

The artist accompanies the Lama in his daily wanderings, sharing a spiritual life that manifests itself in each small action and in the way of relating to the world. Through the photographs he shows us his daily occupations -prayers, repetition of mantras, meditations, visits to the temple- and his immediate surroundings: the mysticism of the landscapes of Dzogchen in the ancient Kingdom of Kham, the humility and commitment of his people and the idiosyncrasy of a culture linked to the transcendent. The images express this philosophy through veiled symbols and visual metaphors. Stillness and darkness refer to silence, light and movement upon awakening, the path to the course of learning ...

The key symbols of the photographs culminate in an overwhelming way in a videographic artwork. A curtain of smoke gives way to the chants of the lama singing his first words in a mantra. The transition from darkness to light is equated with the experimentation of the Bardos or intermediate states: the first one or Chikhai Bardo. This phase is what happens at the moment of death, when consciousness withdraws from the senses; one no longer hears or sees anything, everything becomes blurred until it vanishes. The video shows the continuous cycle that originates and extinguishes at this point through a process of teaching and learning in which the Lama enters into communion with nature, involving the viewer. The parchment that accompanies it constitutes his first testimony after having been purified in the doctrine of silence. The spontaneity and freshness of its most immediate inspiration reflected on paper. Miguel Soler-Roig proposes an experience of introversion to feel peace of mind and imbue in the deep mysticism of the whole photographic series.

Exhibited at Flux Zone Gallery in Mexico City, during the CDMX Gallery Weekend 2018. 
Shown also at Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston, during FotoFest Biennial 2018.

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