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Atlantis & Posidonia
Atlantis & Posidonia is the photographic work of Miguel Soler-Roig, a result of a visit to the island of Es Vedrá and the source of inspiration for the creation of an opera on Ibiza.

Legend has it that the island of Es Vedra is home to sirens and sea nymphs, who tried to attract Odysseus from his ship, according to the work of Homer. It is also considered the holy island of Tanit, Phoenician lunar goddess, venerated as the goddess of fertility, who became the patron saint of Ibiza. Legend has it that specific sacrifices were made to Tanit during the full moon nights, on the shore of the island.

In the underwater bowels everything is different, it is as if time had stopped and its characters inhabited an unalterable capsule. The figures, beautiful and resplendent, move with comfort and harmony in a kind of endless dance. “Beauty always represents a balance of forces, interior and inexhaustible, that immerses our soul and can not be calculated or produced mechanically.” *

One of the great symbolisms associated with water is the human soul. Goethe the German poet and playwright wrote:

The soul of man is like to water;
From Heaven it cometh,
To Heaven it riseth,
And then returneth to earth,
For ever alternating.

Immerse women in seawater means to bathe them with purity, to introduce them in the deepest, surrounded by a kind of amniotic liquid that protects them and preserves their splendor.

In their fluid transit, the figures - almost ethereal - seem to be heading towards a parallel universe: a fourth dimension in which they completely lose its materiality. Halfway between two realities, women get carried away by the environment that welcomes them. To some we perceive them contracted, huddled, solid and thrown to a transitional vacuum. Others are levitating, attracted to a specular surface with which to merge.

Formally, the images are characterized by evanescent and luminous forms, with certain optical distortions, but always seductive.

* Taken from: «Espejo del intelecto», Titus Burckhardt, Olañeta Editions, ISBN 84-7651-774-2.

Miguel Soler-Roig colaborated with Oceanic Ibiza, a conscious festival for our oceans. Oceanic x Ibiza is a thoroughly cultural, artistic and inspirational experience. It brings together top musicians, celebrities, conservationists, institutions, NGOs and brands, transcending the barriers of language and human diversity to create a universal voice for our oceans.

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