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Прекрати Страдание
Stop Suffering - a message written on a simple white paper, in impersonal computer type pulls my attention on a wet sidewalk and makes me interprete these words into images, to capture “the intangibles” of a deep feeling that can become the biggest catalyst and creative source - suffering.     

Stop Suffering is addressed to those who read it, to those who feel it, to those in need of it. It is a universal message because, at the end of the day, every photos in the series speaks of our inherent as human beings, when the joy has gone away. Suffering is neither created, nor disappears. As energy, it transforms itself in different forms. When reading the message again and again, the feeling of pain fades away as a creative catharsis takes place.     The state of happiness, as Aldous Huxley proclaimed it, does not exist as it contains a greater degree of suffering.     

This addictive feeling has come from the media to the consumer products and messages that appeal to stop experiencing pain, anxiety, or physical suffering has appered. On the other hand, this feeling feeds our unconscious society, while it tries to silence it. Those messages sink us into guilt because there aren't any more visible enemies like weapons, wars, or famine in the developed world that could be blamed for our suffering. What cuases the bigger suffreing: the temporary discomfort of losing a loved one or a tragic accident? Could it be the war with a visible enemy, the greed for success and love or may be what we are not able to identify remains in our inconciousness for ever?     

Miguel Soler Roig
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