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Хотелось бы, чтобы вы были здесь ... до конца с
I was fourteen, when Pink Floyd released their album Wish you were here. I remember I bought the vinyl record, which I still have, and listened to in the afternoons at home, after school, while looking at the impressive photos [1] made by Hipgnosis.

By chance, or due to destiny, some years later I met members of Pink Floyd´s music band in Ibiza. Apart from their unique music, I found that they are really lovely people. They took me in their family and group of friends, as if I was part of them. It was an experience that reminded me of the saying, “When you expect nothing, you find everything”.

Summers have been the time for me to rest and relax in Ibiza. A welcome respite after a stressful year, but also a kind of inspiration for this photographic series. The themes I wanted to portray were loneliness and emptiness. Emphasising night shots, using sequences between twilight and the brilliance of dawn…. I really didn’t know what I was going to discover.

Day by day, light began to take form and shape and gradually what was just an empty space materialised into the “idea”.

Suddenly, I understood the real meaning of the series. Titled “Wish You Were Here…. Until the End of Light”, images that were born from emptiness and loneliness started to turn into “something”. Solitary spaces and empty landscapes reflect the absence of any presence. The void and hollow are obvious in the scenes, bringing light into darkness, showing a direction to follow within melancholy. Paths that led to a nostalgic travel, without return.

The energy of those particular moments, appear in every picture I took. In the very beginning, alone; afterwards, not so much thanks to the people who entered my life in a symbolic and metaphorical way and, as such, into my photographic project.

Thanks to the support of those new friends, my series started to have an identity, independent of the fact that I shared unforgettable and magic moments with them… like a coincidence in parallel universes, a sense that I tried to capture in my photographs. It was like taking part in Antonioni’sZabriskie Point, and seeing how the “apocalyptic end” comes, when you have to make the most of the very last days of summer.

During those days, I documented unforgettable instants. Now, I look back at them with the perspective of distance, of memories. Images keep on whispering me: wish you were here, so I wish you were here now, but also, I wish you had been there… in those unrepeatable moments, those unique places… till the end of light.

They named me Light. Although summer has passed, my new friends still refer to me as Light when they call and write.

I want to thank Fire, Air, Flash, Lulu, Nick, Nettie, Favor, Joy, Tina, Furious, Goldie, Rabbit and Ibiza’s infinity. They appreciate the fact that I enlightened their lives, but without them this project never would have been possible. I never would have been able to shine. Light has always taught me something.  I would be a total ignorant in darkness.

Miguel Soler-Roig

[1] The Diver is the title of a photo taken by Storm Thorgeson in Mono Lake (California), included in the album Wish You Were Here by the legendary band Pink Floyd.
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